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This is the Community Champions and Design teams resource page.


   Network design and Wayleave Presentation


   Grid square maps


   Wayleave Agreement


   Interactive Planning Map


   Community Champions Contact Details


   A quick reminder of the process:


    Identify and contact the landowner.

    Agree the route of the core network and spurs across their land.

    Mark up the agreed route and landownership on the map.

    Get the wayleave signed based on the agreed route.

    Return the map to Ed:

        Either emailed (scanned or photographed) to

        Or deliver it to 5 Allen Mill Cottages, Allendale, NE47 9EQ (by the football field)

    Return the paper copy of the wayleave agreement to any Community Champion, who will in turn get this to B4RN.

        A list of community champions' contact details is available here.



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